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Testimonials - A quick caveat:

We don't tend to like testimonials pages, too many of them are just made up by the page builder. All we can do is tell you what our clients say about us, in their words (and sometimes with their bad spelling and grammar). So we have simply copied them out or copy and pasted them here, exactly as they are sent to us, except for the redaction of irrelevant stuff [***] or data protected stuff *** and explanatory stuff [ xx - added], we then leave it up to you whether you believe them:

hello darren and kelly

I would like to thank you both from the bottom of my heart for helping T** get his PIP and more to the point helping him to prepare for it.Darren had a very very good rapport with t** and spoke to him on his particular wavelength to the point where t** took what he was saying on board .a near impossible thing to do.still in shock about that as t** listened to Darren on the day and did exactly what he said to do..I was looking for pigs to fly across the courtroom.i was so proud of t** [***] and he,s a massive fan of darrens.very high honour.

when we got home we were on cloud 9 [***]

Mrs S M***

It was great meeting you both too.we both loved Darrens tenacity and as you know T** was very receptive to his personality and is so used to it.i drove him school for 9 or more(can,t count) years always late always swearing like a trooper i,m afraid.

T** was great in tribunal he told me that halfway through he was really beginning to freak so he pictured our [dog] sitting on his knee and he was stroking her.great coping mechanism as it helped him cope with the bloody nightmare that was the tribunal.

thank you thank you thank you

Mr T M***

Hi Darren,

We received the money from the DWP today and have transferred your fee this morning.

Many many thanks for your support throughout the whole (horrible!) process. We are truly grateful for the way in which you prepared us and helped us to focus our attention on what what most important. I would not have had the confidence to talk in court if you had not been there in the court with us.

We will definitely recommend you to others in the same position.

With heartfelt thanks,

S**** and M*** D******

Hi Kelly,

No problem, thank you for the incredible support both of you. I will always be recommending you to people. It is rare to get someone who not only can support you but really understands how someone like me communicates and sees the world [Autistic - added].

We will certainly be leaving a recommendation, due to work and university commitments it may be tomorrow afternoon however. I hope this is okay.

Very best wishes


Brilliant outcome....beyond expectation....thank you.

Best wishes,


Hi Darren.


L** received a letter from the tribunal late this afternoon. He is delighted at the outcome.

Thank you so much for all of your help. This would not have come to pass without your involvement.

Please let me know at your earliest convenience how much we owe you [***]

Thank you again.


Good morning Darren & Kelly

Just confirming I've successfully paid the remainder £** this morning.

Would like to thank you both for all the help, encouragement and advice given to me concerning my "fight" with the DWP. I certainly could not have done it myself, taking on the big boys!!!!

The relief that it is finally over is immense and it's hard to believe it's finally over.

Once again I can't thank you enough and I certainly will recommend your services.

My very best wishes to you both.

M** xx

Hi there,

Many thanks for all of your help at the PIP tribunal - we could never have done it without you! ...

Best wishes,

S**** D*****

I checked out four other representatives, one was not qualified and still wanted £500 upfront, then on top of that wanted a further £500 for a barrister. Everyone else wanted even more than that upfront, win or lose!

You [CLR - added] are different, with no upfront costs and then a fee of only a percentage of my backpay, I have nothing to lose. It also shows you are confident in your skills to properly represent me.

Thanks Darren [...]

H**** K****

I will certainly be using you again. You have made the whole process easier to understand and a whole lot more stress and hassle free.i cant thank you enough.

Cheers Darren



Just a quick Thank You for all your help, support and guidance we could not have asked for better....

Hope Sunday went well for you.

Thanks again

K**** & J*****

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